Ponies and Horses As An Adorable Pet at Homes
Do you want to own a miniature kind of animals? There are so many kinds of miniature animals. Some people preferred the small bred to be their pets, because it’s sleek and easy to carry. There are so many positive things our pets bring us. It is fun to have a friend who loves to […]
Cross Country Colours – More Than Just a...
Eventers will always be eventers for the very reason which is the cross country. That is, if you wanted to do the showjump or would refer to just do the dressage. Yet, we are not just eventers for the sake of it, you know you can do the splash in the waters, do some gallops […]
3 Practical Ways to Communicate with South...
Are you looking for veterinary care in the South Yorkshire area? There are many issues to consider when selecting one. However, in this Information Age one of the key issues is communication. In particular, there are many ways that you can communicate with the staff members of the organisation’s clinics and hospitals. Here are some […]
Important Facts About Vets That You Have To Know
You may think that a vet is just someone who treats your pet anytime that they need it. You might also think that all of these people are the same. Wearing a lab gown just to check whether your pet is either in good or bad condition. Yet, there are facts that you must know […]
How to Avoid the Most Common Fence Related Injury
The relationship between a horse owner and his equine is truly legendary; horses are not merely our livestock but our friends and even family. This is exemplified in the great lengths we will go to ensure their security comfort and general well-being. With pain-staking care we will wrap their legs, search out weeds in turnout […]
Learning To Ride Horses
What once was a standard part of most people’s education is now a rare and rarified skill. That is, the proper care and handling of a horse. Still, horse riding remains a popular leisure time activity and many, tired of the confines and confusion of city and even village life, are looking to this ancient […]
Mares and Horse Breeding
Stallions are often the ones that get more attention when it comes to horse breeding. Since the stallions are more famous and are sought about by most horse racing men, their actions come to light more than that of mares. If a stallion is able to give successful fouls than that stallion is almost always […]
Equestrian Dressage – To Be Or Not To Be
It is no brainer than horses have been deep rooted in the history of mankind and have been the most used from travels to waging wars. The later stages saw the horse evolve to become a help in the farm or used for leisure activities. It is this long history of the equestrians that draw […]
How To Promote Off Track Thoroughbreds For Sport
There are numerous Thoroughbred racehorses that find themselves homeless in the present day. This is not only because there has been a mass reduction in the racing industry, but because some horses just aren’t fast enough or their owners are not able to pay their bills on time. Most of these horses suffer as they […]
Owning A Racehorse – The Tall and Short of It
Owning a horse itself looks like a huge investment, from horse trailers to stable costs, and owning a racehorse is not any cheaper. It might simply seem impossible for a normal earning person and we often not even think about such a thing as we presume it is only for the filthy rich. To be […]