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How To Promote Off Track Thoroughbreds For Sport

There are numerous Thoroughbred racehorses that find themselves homeless in the present day. This is not only because there has been a mass reduction in the racing industry, but because some horses just aren’t fast enough or their owners are not able to pay their bills on time. Most of these horses suffer as they are left in the lurch as their owners are not in a position to care for them anymore.


Some fortunate racehorses are able to find alternative careers like show jumping or dressage while the others have no use and since some owners are burdened by their high maintenance, abandon them. The truth is that Thoroughbreds can be used for plenty of other equestrian activities and hence organisers of such events can do their bit in encouraging people to use them so that they do not suffer their current fate.


Thoroughbreds have been chosen and selectively bred for the past four centuries and hence performance and excellence is part of their ancestry. These unique qualities make them very wonderful competition mounts that does not restrain them only for racing but also for a number of other horse sports. Some of the sports that they can be used for other than racing include, barrel racing, jumpers, hunters, dressage and eventing.


Most people who want to adopt a horse do not look for the adoption agencies that have plenty of Thoroughbreds who had once been great racehorses. These horses do come with the excellence of a Thoroughbred but are available for a cheaper price and are cheaper to insure. It is more so beneficial to look for these horses as most of them are likely to have been trained by a proper trainer. They have experience in being around with people and would have been exposed to noisy crowds and various other activities thatmake them easy to be trained to do what the new master wants.


Off track Thoroughbred can be classified separately and conducting competitions for them can make them useful for their owners and hence they will be able to find homes for themselves. There can be point systems that will be able to rank the off track Thoroughbreds which will encourage their masters to make them participate in more events so that they can achieve this award. Motivating people is the key here and it is in the hands of organisers to ensure that these priced stallions aren’t forgotten and are given a good home, comfort and all the benefits that they truly deserve.


Performance certificates are another way to promote the off track Thoroughbreds. There are quite a few out there who value pride above the prize money. For those people, awarding certificates for off track Thoroughbreds will be an encouragement to make them participate in events and competitions.


Promoting the off track Thoroughbreds for competitive sports and events are not only beneficial for these steeds but also for the performance industry. Organisers and event managers will be doing more than just a favour by ensuring this happens. The equestrian industry as such will benefit from the same.

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