Owning A Racehorse – The Tall and Short of It

Owning a horse itself looks like a huge investment, from horse trailers to stable costs, and owning a racehorse is not any cheaper. It might simply seem impossible for a normal earning person and we often not even think about such a thing as we presume it is only for the filthy rich. To be very true, it used to be like that at one point of time. Now, there are umpteen options for you to choose from and contribute towards buying a horse. One can spend as little as a few thousand pounds to own as racehorse. Owning a horse is a pride in itself and one can experience it only when you really do own one.


Find a trainer

There are lots of trainers available in the world and you can find one near you by doing some research on the internet. Most of these trainers are well established and they would be very happy to have a first timer with them and will offer good help and advice. It is always better to settle with a trainer who stays at a comfortable distance from your place so that you can visit them whenever you feel like. It is not necessary that you have to visit them only during races or race preparation times; you can visit them at will. It is highly important that you get along very well with the trainer cause you are looking at a long term maybe even life long relationship with them.


Every racehorse is worth more than what they are quoted for. If you had been to the market, you would be aware that one has to shell out tens of thousands of Pounds in order to own a racehorse. Though it is difficult to digest, it is true. Not all of us have so much money at hand or could be in a position to borrow all of it from someone or a bank. This is where a syndicate comes to rescue. A syndicate is bunch of like minded people who are interested in racing and come together as a group to buy and insure a racehorse. All of them equally share money and buy the horse. The monthly maintenance expenditure is also split equally for the owners to bear. This activity ensures that you may not be spending too much, but still own and insure a racehorse. If the horse wins a race, that money is also split equally and distributed to the owners.

Once you become a partial owner, you can also become a member of the owner and trainers association and avail all the facilities. Once an owner, there is no difference between a partial owner and a person who owns 50 horses. As a member of the owner and trainers association you can be entitled to free passes for races and special facilities in addition to other add-ons. You can also register your syndicate with the Jockey Club and apply for a uniform colour. As a proud owner you can invite friends and family to witness your racehorse in a live race.

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